Inner Voyage to Outer Limits

Harp Music performed by Valerie Papaya Mann

“With heartfelt gratitude to our Divine Creator. It is with great joy that I offer this, my first harp CD to you, my global consciousness family. May this compilation of soul-stirring, soothing music and affirmations bring you as much pleasure as it brought me to give birth to it.”

“An inspirational, musical journey towards peace, healing, relaxation end harmony.”

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All selections except Cosmic Synergy, written, arranged and performed by Valerie Papaya Mann on Zither Harp, Tibetan Singing Bowl, chimes, bells, gongs, flute and voice.

Cosmic Synergy is a musical collaboration between Victoria Payton Webber and Valerie Papaya Mann.

Photographs and Graphic Design by:
FREE yvette benjamin.

Recorded, mixed and mastered at Central Music Warehouse, in Capitol Heights, Maryland. © Renaissance Productions/VPM 2010. All rights reserved.

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